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That Moment When You Start a Blog at 1am..

           A wise person once said, “Don’t overthink it, just do it.” Granted, it was very “Nike” of them, but it apparently spoke volumes. When I imagine my future I think of dying in bed, Rose Dawson style, an insanely old women with fresh red toenail polish. I’d be asleep by tons of photographs of all the amazing things I wanted to do and did. In one of those frames will be a print out of this very post. I see it like this; no matter how miniscule the accomplishment is, it should be one to celebrate. There’s a possibility no one will ever read this post. There’s also a possibility someone will read this post and actually enjoy it. No matter the outcome it is still one thing I can check off my Super Scary Bucket list.

          According to God’s promise; I have purpose. I am made for greatness! I’d like to seek that version of myself through this blog. Can we do that together? I wear many hats. Balance many titles. Tonight I am just Betty.  I’ll sleep in “Welp, I checked that off the list” bliss. So, good night universe. Dream big. Then wake up and live large!

Xo, Mrs. Behtee Savvy


9 thoughts on “That Moment When You Start a Blog at 1am..

  1. The moment I realized betty would be great at a blog was in our many group chat convos she has so much to say and from reading this I was right!! go betty go!!


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