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Monday & My Supercharged Smoothie

          Hello! Today is Motivation Monday people! The day isn’t over yet! I find it hilarious that Monday’s usually produce 2 trending hashtags; #IhateMondays and #MotivationalMonday. Occasionally I’ll see #MondaySucks thrown in the mix. Both statements could be a very accurate description of how we see the start to our week.

          My alarm went off at 7:30am. I was determined to go to the gym. I woke up my oldest and as she got out of bed she told me she didn’t have school today. Poor girl. I looked at her innocent sleepy face and told her, “If you don’t get up, I’m leaving you!” Sometimes you just have to look interferences in their 8 year old faces and slightly threaten them. I headed off to the gym for some cardio and a Full Body and Abs Class. My younger sister, Stephanie joined me. There was a new instructor and she whipped our butts! I didn’t die so I guess I did pretty darn well! This was us barely able to stand.


           Later, I came home to welcome a friend over. I had the honor of cooking for her. I made chicken tenderloins with boiled carrots, seasoned squash slices and whipped mashed potatoes. She was a delight to have over. The rest of my Monday involved paying one bill, one load of laundry, and a nappy-poo with my two toddlers. Hey! I had a spectacularly productive day! I needed a nap, alright?

          Well, what I really wanted to share with you was my lunch from Saturday. Saturday’s are typically filled up with kid birthdays, baby showers, or a family trip to somewhere. I was fortunate enough to stay home. I started my day off with a warm breakfast. Towards lunch I decided to keep it light & right. I made myself a GREEN SUPERCHARGED SMOOTHIE. This is an exceptional after-workout choice or something that will fill your stomach with nutritious goodness.






          The ingredients are below. The Almond milk I used was the Almond Breeze brand. The Ginger was lightly dried ginger you refrigerate from a brand called, Gourmet Garden. It’s completely up to you if you prefer your bananas organic or not. And lastly, I used a Magic Bullet to blend it. (I LOVE MY MAGIC BULLET) I blended it until I saw the kale as chopped down as possible. There is also Almond Milk- Vanilla. I would recommend to go heavy on the green you choose if you use that as your liquid. Smoothies can quickly turn into a cup full of sugar if you aren’t conscious of what you are putting in it.


          I enjoy making different smoothies and shakes. I often experiment which is necessary in order to not grow bored with the same taste. This will probably not be the last smoothie post, so leave your comments or ideas below. I’d love to try something that works for you! Thanks for being part of my Monday. I encourage you to decide now what type of Tuesday you’re going to have. I suggest you go with #TerrificTuesday for those of you with the day off or maybe #ToleranceTuesday for those of you who work or have children or have to commute through school zoned areas!

xo, Behtee Savvy



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