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Target::Breakfast (& Review)

       Hello there! I am so excited to share with you a few goodies I purchased recently. As a mom in these oh-so modern times, I delight in searching for new cool children’s items. There are a few stores where I like to purchase from. The one I went to is arguably one of my favorite places on planet Earth. Nothing gets my heart racing faster than seeing those big bold red letters. First, I cruise into the parking lot in my swagger-wagon. After unloading my wolf pack, I lift my hand in the air as I push the lock button like I just don’t care. A warm fuzzy feeling comes over me as I reach for a shiny red cart. The feeling of complete empowerment races through my veins as I grasp the handle bar. The doors open wide for my arrival. I have entered paradise. Yes, my friend, I’m talking about Target!

         I am notorious for my Target adventures. My husband has surely developed an eye twitch over the years from my escapades. I’ve spent countless times there with no particular need, but to entertain my heart’s desire to window shop. Going there is therapeutic on some levels. Even the screams of little humans can’t disturb my focus when I’m in Target mode. On this specific day I went to Target for a baby shower gift. An hour later I was at the register with an $104 balance. I had bought the gift, some fruit, a pretty pink clipboard, and two notepads (you can never have enough of those). Along my journey I came across the Miracle Sippy Cup & a pack of cute-looking kid plates. Things that come in packs of 3 excite me! It’s the little things that make me happy.

          My son had been sick so I decided to make a wholesome meal for him and my daughter. I made fried eggs, sprinkled with sea salt & pepper to taste. I added Cutie Tangerine slices and sliced bananas on the side. In their new Sippy cups I poured the most delicious Organic Carrot juice I’ve ever tasted. The ingredients, you ask? It is jammed packed with only the contents of over 36 organic carrots.

       After introducing Almond milk to the kids I wanted to see what else they’d like. They impressively enjoy all vegetables, so it was easy to get them to drink it. My oldest however has a hard time trying new things. I feel regretful in some areas when it comes to her upbringing. I had her at 18 and didn’t expose her to many unique foods. Our kitchen was filled with fruit gummies, chips-ahoy cookies, and boxes of Caprisun. Although she loves bananas and apples she doesn’t feel comfortable with other foods. No broccoli, avocado, spinach, onions, or squash will ever look tempting enough to try. I suggest exposing little ones to all types of fruits and veggies early. Keep trying new ways to prepare it for them until they like it. A healthy life is one you have to create.


          Moving along, my youngest daughter is my Model of the Day! She allowed me to photograph her plate and her first moments trying her new Sippy cup! In life I try to make things fun. This week, try some new foods with your family or friends. Be daring! Go to your favorite place. Indulge a little in something that makes you happy.

 Xo, Behtee Savvy


360 Miracle Tasse – Spout-less & BPA Free. Dentist Approved.
The cups had the kids jumping for joy. They were very eager to use them. When I took off the packaging they looked a bit baffled. The point of the design is for the child to be able to drink at any angle of the cup. The positive attributes include; toddlers getting accustom to using a cup, spill-proof guarantee, and it being dentist approved for their teeth & tongue. My 3 year old daughter found it hard to drink out of at first. She had to apply pressure to make the juice come out. My 2 year old son became frustrated, because he couldn’t get the juice to come out at all. I tested it multiple times and confirmed it was spill proof. Although it was fun and easy to assemble, my children eventually asked for their regular Sippy cups later in the day. My 8 year old daughter tried the item in the afternoon and said she had to really add pressure to make anything come out. She drank from one during dinner and said she liked it. My overall review is positive. On a scale of 5 stars I would give it 3 stars for toddlers, because it seems to be a better fit for an older child. (It’s made for 12 months+) I hope my children get used to, because it’s worth trying again with them. As for my 8 year old daughter, she took one in the van. It fit perfectly in the cup holder and NO spills! A mother’s dream!


Re Play – Divided plates made from Recycled Milk Jugs
The plates were great colors, lightweight, and easy to scoop the food. The kids loved a new and fun item for them to use. Cleaning it was a breeze. Nothing stuck to the shiny smooth plastic. They were $4.99 and worth the purchase. Glad I could use a recycled item. 5 out of 5 stars!



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