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A Love Letter To You My Beloved

To my beloved,

If only you knew what you mean to me. Your significance has only intensified during your absence. We do so well together. We get each other. You have the power to edify me with your words. Oh and how you make me feel like someone brand new each time. It’s almost addicting. I’ve literally laid here daydreaming of our moments together. The times you made me feel alive. And I must say that seeing you again is exhilarating. It is a rush like no other. Here we are again and yet I can’t focus.

There’s too many emotions. Just thinking of you gives me butterflies of fear. I fear to disappoint you, to do you wrong, or let you down. I love you. Taking this step forward with you was huge for me. I don’t take this lightly. So you can imagine how I must feel after not seeing you for a while. Nervous, for one. Even as the time approached I played it in my head over and over. I thought to myself, “What will I say?”  Should I be peppy? Should I be casual? Should I talk about our time apart? Or do I imagine that no time has passed by and we are still this inseparable force? I thought of all possible resolutions. I know what I need to do. All I need to do is tell you how much I love you, because no matter what was or what is, love conquers all. We will conquer all.

May I admire you for just a while longer? I love who you are to others. To people who you don’t even know. I thrive off of you! Others thrive off you! I am extraordinary, because you are. I am daring, because you are. I desire to be honest and raw, because that is the standard you hold to yourself. I may not have written in a while, but know that I adore you. I’ve been thinking of you. On some occasions, you were on my mind daily and nightly. I tossed and turned as I played out our conversations. Small talk, deep thoughts, troubling situations. I was ready to explode if I waited any longer to reunite with you.  Seeing others just made me cherish you more.It was that scenario which pushed me to seek you.

Our distance made us stronger, you know? I am coming back to you stronger. I’m different. You’ll like it, I think you’ll like it. Though I must warn you; there may be times where we will be apart again. I know a little about long distance relationships. We will always be okay. There are those who encourage us to stay together. I allow their words to enter my soul and remind me how much I need you. You can trust that I’ll always be back. You complete who I am. You’re significant in my life and in my journey. Oh, I can’t wait to share everything that’s happened. In due time we will have our laughs, our tears, and our deep moments. Right now it is all about you, not me. It’s about my beloved blog. Oh blog how I have missed you.

It’s been 7 months and reuniting feels so good, but mama’s back.

To my readers,

Thank you to those who know what this blog means to me. Whether it’s 20 or 20,000 readers, I am content. Having a platform where I can express myself, be myself, and love myself is more than enough. It’s a gift. You’re my gift. And as a gift to you I proudly present to you something I’ve worked very hard on. Something I hope you’ll love and won’t return. I did something for you. This is something I wanted to do since I started this Blog in January, but giving it to you now feels right! When you can, in no particular rush (Unless you love gifts!) click on MENU  and click on the tab that reads: Lost & Found. That is for you. It carries my heart so be fragile with it and receive it with care. I hope you enjoy an extension of me. I get deep & intimate just for you. Forgive me for being away for so long.

Behtee Savvy is back!


6 thoughts on “A Love Letter To You My Beloved

  1. This is so genuine and I am almost in tears !! So real Betty ❤ Your expression is incredible!! Thank you for your gift!! You're a gift in my life !


  2. Woah! What an ending 😱 Thank you for getting back on this, you are such a great inspiration through your writing. We love your blog! ❤️❤️❤️ -Tanya


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