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The President vs. Parents

Hello and welcome to the 2016 debate! I will be your moderator for today. We have two very well-known candidates. On one side we have the President of the United States and on the other side we have a team best-known as Mommy and Daddy. It is definitely going to be a tough call folks!

I don’t know about you, but for me this is a no brainer. Growing up my mom was the most sarcastic angry women ever. In hindsight she was hilarious. My sisters and I were very skilled as well. We would try to negotiate ourselves out of everything and anything. Similarly, we used every ounce of persuasion to get what we wanted. It was truly an art form arguing with my mother as kids. I can flash back to it as if it were yesterday. So many times my sister and I would change the tone of voice to a long whine and fall on the couch and cripple as we told my mom how tired we were. We’d beg her to let us watch more TV instead of cleaning the house. Using those same skillful tactics we would team up so that we could play outside with our friends. Everything was a debate. It was us against her. We were persistent and quite annoying, but my mom could be a brick wall if she wanted to be. I wonder if any of you have ever heard this charming line before, “I don’t care if the President himself says you can go, I said no!” (But in Spanish and in a purposely loud voice so that the neighbors could hear) As far as my mother was concerned, she was the ruler of the world; our world.

I don’t know if my mom was so tough because she was the only parent or because it was her natural character which commanded attention. She spent most of our childhood scaring the crap out of us. Her specialty was using dramatized scenarios of wild kidnappings and extreme sickness which rooted from not wearing socks on tile floor. As most of my readers already know, I was a bit of a wild child as a teenager. Alright maybe I was a bit of a problem child since birth! That still doesn’t take away from how bonkers my mom used to get with us. She was the law and you do not want to mess with the law. I can look back and laugh at most things we experienced as children, yet it is evidently clear that my mother did what she felt she had to do in order to raise us three. All silly anecdotes aside, she was to be respected. Whether we gave her that respect or not, isn’t the point. The point is that her three daughters had no doubt as to whom to look up to and who was in charge. Before we grew up and allowed ourselves to get distracted by what the world had to offer, our mommy was our hero and our first role-model.

As the years past we were individually ruling over our own lives. Foolishly, I’m sure. Soon after, we grew up and became mommies ourselves. We were now the law of our very own homes. You see we shifted into a greater position when taking the role of a parent. We ruled over these tiny individuals who expected us to do what was right. We governed over their lives making all the major decisions. We put policies in place as a bedtime and a routine so their days can run smoothly. We managed the finances so they had sufficient resources. We put up certain limitations on playing so they wouldn’t do something that will get them hurt. We would even lie to their sweet faces if it meant keeping them calm and unafraid during a bad storm. We did everything to protect our children even if it meant dramatizing a few things to keep them from harm. We were and are their heroes; their first role-models.

Our role as parents is so sacred. Our children are gifts whether they are biological, step-children, or adopted. We were elected by God to care for them and our term never finishes. They are each in our lives for a reason. We have to make the big decisions for them, we protect them, we lead them, and we are responsible for being the first people to love them. Everything is so crucial during the parenting process. We are constantly in the spotlight with all little eyes on us. Any of this sound familiar? Our space is not our own. Our time is not our own. We must put the household before our own needs. Yes, I am implying that we carry a role with responsibilities much like the President. We have the most important job in the world and I wish parents would remember that this election.

On Tuesday, November 8th the 45th president of the United States will be determined. This election has been historic and quite controversial. The two candidates in particular who running for presidency have stirred up much debate.  No matter which side of the spectrum you are from you have surely heard someone call either candidate unfit or “not a good role model for our children”. I have personally heard many parents discuss this concern in particular. Before I even chose a candidate to vote for, before this election even started I knew one thing for sure. I knew that my husband and I are the most important people in our children’s lives. We are their greatest influences and before they go on to be fascinated by anyone else, they first admired us.

I do not wish to trade opinions or fact check anything so I am sorry if my post disappointed your expectations. I am merely writing to express my thoughts on who you should really be worried about. When it comes to President vs. Parent, parents will always win. You are the one you need to make sure influences your children properly. You have the most power and influence over their lives than anyone else. While the President runs a country, you are running your household. I am flawed, I can be a mess, and I am such a work in progress it’s not even funny. I have always been all those things except the difference now is that I am also a parent of three eccentric little humans. It is not easy and I don’t try to have it all together in front of my kids. I do a lot of apologizing when I get too frustrated and I do correct myself when I need to. They have seen my husband and I bicker plenty of times, but we make sure they also see us reconcile. We let them see us be kind and affectionate with one another. It’s funny seeing them close their eyes when I lean over to give their dad a smooch, but they love seeing us happy. Even as a military family we have learned that the best way to serve our country is to first serve our family honorably.

I don’t know what little nation you’re ruling over right now. Maybe it’s 2 toddlers, or 3 teenagers, or 4 step-children or maybe you’ve just recently been elected as Mommy or Daddy. No matter how big or how small your family is I want to remind you of how relevant your role is. Change starts with you. Do you believe in a certain cause? Create a movement within your home first. Build up the kind of leaders you think this country needs more of. Teach them and guide them the way you wish you were. Govern and lay down laws and policies all for the greater good of their future. Make wise economic decisions and don’t feud with others. Show them how to love people. Show them how to be problem solvers. Leave a legacy behind for them to pass on.

I do not know what the outcome of this election will be. I know many of you are biting your nails from the anticipation. I don’t want to downplay the importance of the state of our Nation, I only want to shed light on what is relevant no matter who is in office. Stand with me as we change our country by first implementing change in our homes. Continue to work effortlessly on your legacy whether you have children or not.

I’d like to end with one final statement. I spoke of my mother’s dramatic ways of raising us, but I want you to know what a beautiful warm women she is. I still love wrapping my arms around her. I look at her sometimes with amazement of everything she’s been through. Our personalities clash all the time, but I am grateful for my mom and everything she was able to do with what she had. It was difficult being alone with little help, but she did it. I want to encourage all you single parents out there. My sisters and I wouldn’t be where we are without my mother and her diligent efforts to give us a damn good childhood. We never experienced severe sickness or have fallen in any danger. She did well. I want you to know that you are also doing a fantastic job. Keep pressing forward single parents, because your children are watching you. They see your hard work and one day they will be extraordinary parents themselves. Your children will impact others and do great things and it will all stem from your persistence. Don’t give up.

God bless your homes an God bless America.

Fourth of July 2014



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