The Best Year of My Life: Thank you 2016

Hello loyal and new Behtee Savvy readers! It is New Year’s Eve and I could not think of a better way to spend my morning than right here at my desk writing to you. Behtee Savvy was started January 14, 2016. My baby is almost a full year old! This is my 12th blog post of the year. Although I am beyond thrilled and sitting with an overbearing excitement I must recognize a few things. Unfortunately for many this year was not a good year at all. Many beautiful lives were lost. Many people had hardships and suffered some of the toughest trails of their lives. I certainly endured obstacles during the course of the year, but there’s something that allows me to still focus on the good and celebrate my year. My cousin Diana from New Jersey once told me, “Be proud prima, and don’t apologize for your accomplishments. You have so much to be proud of.” With that being said, may I please have the honor to share why 2016 was the best year of my life?

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BLOG: Where do I begin? Let’s start right there as I sat and heard a speaker share a life-changing lecture on finding your right path. It was JANUARY 6 and I went home to dwell on what I just heard. It redirected my life into a new bolder me. I was ready to take on the year. And so I did. One night I was up reading other people’s blogs as I normally did and I realized something. I also had so much to say! So right then on JANUARY 14 in my bedroom I created Behtee Savvy and wrote my very first blog post at 2am. Whoa, fireworks! Talk about love at first sight! I didn’t know what would come of it, but I was very hopeful.


BUSINESS: Fast forward just a bit and I continued to meditate on what I had learned in the beginning of the year; to be bold and fearless in my dreams. I had developed a side business that evolved from my infatuated love for parties. I had always enjoyed planning events and I developed a skill for decorating. I heard a life-coach speaker once describe something very interesting to me. He said that everyone has a “practical dream” and a “radical dream”. Most people will naturally aim towards their practical dream. They will do want is needed to obtain it and build a lifestyle around it. Even if they enjoy it, it isn’t exactly what their heart desires. My practical dream was to be a teacher. Monday through Friday hours and being off when my children were off was ideal. It was a socially acceptable job and would allow me to still be creative. I have a huge heart for the youth and I could think of no better way to teach and mentor them. I began my degree to obtain my dream. The problem was that my “radical dream” hung over me like a nagging fly that you just can’t get rid of! As I sat there and tried to focus on one path my growing desire for my radical dream would not let me concentrate. So although I had already been doing parties on the side, I never technically launched it as a business. It was a pipe dream I yearned for more than anything I ever had before. I couldn’t continue to waste time! I had to be part of that lesser percentage that follows their radical dream. On FEBRUARY 23, my daughter’s birthday, I never went to sleep because I made goodie bags for her whole class putting my heart and personal creativity into them. I placed business cards in each one. This was my “symbolic move” that I made to officiate myself as a new business owner. Delightful Touches was launched and it began my journey as a Party Stylist and Event Designer. Since then I’ve established our webpage, social media pages, our office, our business plan, and had many happy clients. We had a great first year! I brought a partner on board which has the same explosive passion and dedication as me. It is scary to start a business and the fear is still there, but it was the proudest moment of my life.



BODY: Something I technically never shared with you was the health journey I was on. Those of you who have been with me may remember my yummy kale smoothie post or how I would write about going to gym. Little did you know that I was on a very specific mission. As a quick run-down I will share with you why I was focused on health. I met my husband at 16 years old in 2005. At 17 years old I was pregnant with our first child, Taitana Lily. Not until 2012 did I have another child, Iliana Rose. As I ached for a son I knew two children was what we wanted. God had a different plan and only 15 months later our son, Jordan Efrain was born. Events that were entirely unexpected were so joyfully accepted! Even though I had a very small frame growing up my weight was always moving up and down over the years. Needless to say, giving birth to my beautiful bundles of joy did change me physically. As my husband left overseas for his second deployment, I made a decision. (It always starts with one bold decision doesn’t it?) I purchased a gym membership and I fully dedicated myself to a complete and total lifestyle change. It was not an overnight success! It started in August of 2015 and did not gain progress until the beginning of this year. It was difficult at times, but I pushed my body harder than I ever had. I went to the gym anywhere from 4-6 times a week. I meal prepped and changed my eating habits. And on JUNE 5 we gathered to greet my husband back from a 10 month long deployment. Surrounded by family and loved ones I waited for him with a cheesy welcome home sign anxious to reveal my new body to him. When my husband first laid eyes on me I stood there a confident, fit, and healthy woman. I had met my goal on that very day. I had lost 30 pounds and dropped 2 sizes. I weighed something I hadn’t weighed in over 7 years! Do you see my tears of joy right now? Reliving this with you just gave me all the feelings of accomplishment back again. I did something I never thought I could stick to. I looked a way I never thought I would again. I learned to love myself and I learned want the word endurance was all about. It was the most memorable moment of the year. I did it!


I also have to throw in a few other cool things that happened. I traveled to many amazing places with family and friends. I saw Selena Gomez outside of her Orlando concert. I went back to school again after 2 years. I switched my major and am now a Business student. I helped plan my 10 year High School reunion. Oh and I drove a jet ski for the first time! That was surprisingly the most thrilling feeling in the world. As I look back at 2016 I cannot help but be grateful. I cannot apologize for my joy. I had not one, but many life changing events. I began the path to be the person I’ve always wanted to be. I did things I could have delayed for years, but choose not to.  I challenge you, no I double-triple-dog dare you to please look at the good that has happened. Somehow through the rain I’m sure you saw a rainbow once or twice. May you be bold and fearless in your dreams! Even before you go change the world start by changing your world first. I know you can do it, because I did it this year.

I know what I accomplished. What did you accomplish?

Love, Behtee Savvy

Happy New Years!


4 thoughts on “The Best Year of My Life: Thank you 2016

  1. Hi Prima and thank you for the shout out 😉
    May I just say that your blog is always inspiring and this one took the cake, that is certain. I am so proud of you for making such big changes this year and for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. That is something that most people don’t do and I applaud you for it. Continue to write, decorate, plan parties, workout (my fave) and mostly peruse your dreams. Because like they say, “Don’t tell people your dreams, show them.” And that’s exactly what you’re doing. Way to go! Watch out 2017, this girl’s on fire! 🙂 xoxo


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