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Sometimes I cry at songs that lyrically mean nothing to me

Sometimes I stare at things which don’t catch anyone else’s eye

Sometimes I smile while people are talking simply because I’m thinking about how amazing they are

Sometimes I talk to cashiers longer than usual because I want them to feel seen

Sometimes I take the long way somewhere so I can have more time with myself

Sometimes I feel so proud of myself for the littlest things

Sometimes I feel like dancing with my shoulders when no one is looking

Sometimes I desire to laugh hard so I can release my joy

Sometimes I like to close my eyes when I take a bite of something delicious just to enjoy every ounce of it

Sometimes I hug people, because a hand shake is not enough

Sometimes I am passionately in love with life

Sometimes I  want more than what I have

Sometimes I love more than I’m loved

I seek more than I am seeked

I’m talked at more than I’m talked to

Sometimes I get lost in a crowd and feel completely alone,

but most times I remember how important it is for me not to blend in.

Most times I express myself more than others would

I share what others may consider private

I giggle at times others don’t

I can see past someone’s flaws

I love hard on those who doubt love

I believe in myself as if I’ve already made it

Most people will never know me well

Some may never understand me

Few may not be able to see what I see,

but I embrace every bit of it.

I am fascinated with the fact that God made me unique

There will never be another person just me

In times when I hurt or stray away it is that very fact that saves me

It is that fact that pulls me up; the fact that God created me with a purpose


My curiosity for God’s plan keeps me up at night, makes me jump out of bed in the morning, and makes me try again when I mess up

I am flawed, I am different than you, and I accept that

Sometimes I’ll have a good day and sometimes I’ll have a bad day,

but I will never live a day on Earth not knowing that I am blessed to have it

Sometimes I write and I believe I’m writing my very own original thoughts,

but in reality it is God moving my fingers to write exactly what He wants to tell me.


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