Hello! My name is Betty Saravia. I have always loved writing and keeping journals since I was a kid. Expressing myself comes to me like second nature yet I had no true platform to do so. This blog was founded on a fearless conquest to express myself openly and boldly before my peers and strangers alike. Through the encouragement of loved ones and inspiration of so many who have blogged before me I vowed be myself and not hold back.
I want to voice things that matter to me. I want create ripples within my community. I don’t look at the world and allow it to intimidate me. I believe we each have something to contribute, which can slowly but surely change the world. I want to laugh, cry, and live life with you! Whether I know you or not just know that everything I do has you in mind. I am wacky, witty, and wildly imperfect. I have experienced a lot of things that could have broken me yet instead I set here at my laptop and write about it.
 Mission Statement: To use my life and experiences to feed others thought-provoking material that produces positive change so they may strive to be extraordinary.

      Something I can tell you about me is that I have never liked my name. My grandmother is my hero and she is named Bertha. She despised her name. Nevertheless, my mother wanted to honor her by naming me after her. Huge mistake! Since I come from a long line of stubborn hard-headed women with huge hearts, my mom named me Betty to rebel against her mother’s request. I am pretty sure that is where it all began. Twenty-nine years later I am still recovering from unsettled identity issues. I am Mexican-American born in New Jersey and raised in Florida. I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we joyfully made three precious humans. We live in a pleasant suburban neighborhood filled with mini vans; where children play, people jog, and the home owner association is after your blood. I am the founder of Delightful Touches Event Design. I go to the gym. I cook. I clean. I go to church. I am socially accepted. I am in multiple group chats. Oh, and now I have a blog. MY LIFE IS JUST PEACHY!

        Have any of you caught on to my sarcasm yet? Sarcasm is my first language and in the land of marriage & motherhood there are very few things that are considered “peachy”. Follow me as I try to figure out life. Allow me to express it all like word-vomit onto this blog. From my real-life experiences, to a deeper outlook on life. From my long-distance love with a soldier, to my hair pulling times at home with the kids. Learn the reality of how I was raised by a single mother, the truth behind being a stay-at-home-mom, the dirt of my rebellious years, the good & ugly of being married with children, and opening a business with no experience. Wow, so much to cover! Yep, I can [definitely not] do it all!

Here’s my Top 10 random (yet significantly useful) list of advice:

  1. Don’t live in fear
  2. Never forget to take a load out of the washer
  3. Take naps
  4. Tip your waiters well
  5. Live like you’re someone’s role model
  6. Try to remember people’s names
  7. Put caps back on markers
  8. No matter how much money you have, don’t be wasteful
  9. Be the type of person that will tell someone if there’s food in their teeth
  10. Never stop seeking a better you!

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6 thoughts on “bio

  1. Betty I loved reading this. I can’t wait to read what else is on the mind of this army wife and mom! It was funny, different, thoughtful and deep. I will keep on top of it!


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