Ello there! My name is Betty Saravia. Let’s start with that. I hate my name. (Hence, why my blog name is Behtee Savvy) I was named after my abuela who also hates her name. I come from a long line of stubborn hard-headed women who have ginormous hearts. My mother insisted on naming me Bertha after my grandmother. *Gag* A very thoughtful sentiment. My grandmother argued with her, saying; “That’s ridiculous, I hate my name!” So she settled for Betty. I believe that’s where it all began..

20160106_221051       Twenty-eight years later I stand a somewhat confident women who has identity issues. I am Mexican American born in New Jersey and raised in Florida. I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we joyfully made three precious humans. We live in a pleasant suburban neighborhood filled with mini vans; where children play, people jog, and the home owner association is after your blood. I am the owner/creator of Delightful Touches Party Planning. I go to the gym. I cook. I clean. I go to church. I am socially accepted. And I am in more than one group chats. Oh! ..And now I have a blog. MY LIFE IS JUST PEACHY!

        Have any of you caught on to my sarcasm yet? Sarcasm is my first language and in the land of marriage & motherhood there are very few things that are considered; “peachy”. Follow me as I try to figure out life and share my many loves. I have thousands of questions, comments, & concerns. Allow me to express it all like word-vomit onto this blog. I love so many things! From random topics, to a deeper outlook on life. From trying new recipes and unique workouts, to binge eating with my friends. From my long distance love with a soldier, to my hair pulling times at home with the kids.  So much to write about! Yep, I can [definitely not] do it all!

xo, behtee savvy


From ME to YOU.. Here’s my Top 10 random yet significantly useful list of advice:

  1. Don’t live in fear

  2. Never forget to take a load out of the washer

  3. Take naps

  4. Tip your waiters well

  5. Live like you’re someone’s role model

  6. Try to remember people’s names

  7. Put caps back on markers

  8. No matter how much money you have, don’t be wasteful

  9. Be the type of person that will tell someone if there’s food in their teeth

  10. Never stop seeking a better you!

5 thoughts on “bio

  1. Betty I loved reading this. I can’t wait to read what else is on the mind of this army wife and mom! It was funny, different, thoughtful and deep. I will keep on top of it!


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