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Air in my lungs was not enough

As I sip my cup of coffee I mediate on how grateful I feel. I lean back to take another sip and realize that I have absolute control of the tone of my day. In the wake of so much tragedy I am affirmed that life itself is a huge blessing. Within this gratefulness I… Continue reading Air in my lungs was not enough

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You’re in there somewhere..

How many hats are you currently wearing? Are you a spouse, a parent, or a devoted employee? As we get older we wear more hats and they suddenly become part of our identity, but what exactly is our identity? Are we still in there somewhere? Are we closer and closer to who we are meant… Continue reading You’re in there somewhere..

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Chaos-free Christmas Tips!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Chaos! Christmas! Oh my, I meant Christmas! How could I mix those two up? Well, it’s very simple actually. We’ve managed to take the birth of Jesus and turn it into the birth of a million traditions jammed packed into one holiday. Which then turned into a yearly… Continue reading Chaos-free Christmas Tips!

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The President vs. Parents

Hello and welcome to the 2016 debate! I will be your moderator for today. We have two very well-known candidates. On one side we have the President of the United States and on the other side we have a team best-known as Mommy and Daddy. It is definitely going to be a tough call folks! I… Continue reading The President vs. Parents

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A Love Letter To You My Beloved

To my beloved, If only you knew what you mean to me. Your significance has only intensified during your absence. We do so well together. We get each other. You have the power to edify me with your words. Oh and how you make me feel like someone brand new each time. It’s almost addicting.… Continue reading A Love Letter To You My Beloved