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Forever-type Friends: Myth?

          Most people can agree that friends come and go. If you don’t agree it’s probably because you’re in denial honey! Starting from the earliest memory you can back track to your first friend. For some it was their sibling. The one they played with, laughed with, and tried to drown during bath time. It also… Continue reading Forever-type Friends: Myth?

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Monday & My Supercharged Smoothie

          Hello! Today is Motivation Monday people! The day isn’t over yet! I find it hilarious that Monday’s usually produce 2 trending hashtags; #IhateMondays and #MotivationalMonday. Occasionally I’ll see #MondaySucks thrown in the mix. Both statements could be a very accurate description of how we see the start to our week.           My alarm went off… Continue reading Monday & My Supercharged Smoothie

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Who’s Up For Some Circumstantial Happiness This Year?

It’s mid-January and I would say some of us have already fallen off the wagon. Can I have a show of hands? A hallelujah perhaps? What type of goals are being set? What are the expectations?           I am a firm believer in lists. I freggin love making lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, or Pros &… Continue reading Who’s Up For Some Circumstantial Happiness This Year?