savvy kids


Introducing: The Savvy Kids

The Saravia children are currently 4, 6, & 11 years old. Each one lovable and aggravating in their own special way. My children were wonderfully designed and hand picked just for my husband and I. We were given the privilege of being their parents and raising them however we want. Luckily for them, we choose to raise them to the best of our ability. Our combined goal is to raise extraordinary human beings. Our children are to be world changers. The journey thus far hasn’t been easy, but things are only getting harder! I meant, better. As we allow you into our family, we hope we can learn and grow together. #ParentingAintEasy #FamilyFirst #OurMinions

Mama & Daddy




    2016 my second daughter started school and now that daddy is back from deployment we are a complete family again. We struggled to potty train our son, but he finally got the hang of it! Our kids have adjusted well to mommy going to school and although daddy is home, he is busy taking his military training to new levels.



2017 has been such a growth-year for the kids. They have become involved in church. They are all officially in school and they have each adjusted so well. We love our walks to school! They have developed this inseparable bond as siblings. We have also noticed many new things about their personalities. Life with these kiddos is always entertaining. Never a dull moment at the Saravia house!



“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”